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The website is an online store where the company “Avramis Roses Co.” sells its products. The company is based at: Location Miden Loudia, 58100 Giannitsa, Pella, Greece (VAT No.: 081452076).

It is the company’s duty to present all the terms that describe the rights and obligations of “Avramis Roses Co.” as the owner of the website “” to all its users and visitors for their best service while browsing or buying the products that can be found in this online store.

All the transactions that are taking place through “” are controlled by the International and European Laws that regulate issues concerning the e-commerce, as well as the Law for the consumers’ protection (2251/1994) that regulates issues relating to the sales from a distance.

Make sure that you agree with the below terms and conditions, as the use and browsing on the website “” implies your explicit and unreserved consent and consensus with them.

  1. TERMS

“Avramis Roses Co.” takes on the obligation to inform its users about any modifications as well as any changes through the website of its online store. "Avramis Roses Co." reserves the right to renew or modify unilaterally the present terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store in accordance with its needs and commercial morals.

The changing of terms does not include orders that are already in progress.


Any user can browse the online store “” without giving any personal information. The cases in which some personal data (name, shipping and billing address, e-mail address, telephone number etc.) will be needed are in their majority to process your order.

The personal data that you declare in the online store "" are strictly for the sole purpose of having transactions, communicating, improving the services provided and may not be used by third parties or given to third parties (with the exception where it is described by law to the appropriate authorities alone). The online store "" operates in accordance with applicable Greek and Community legislation and keeps your personal data secure for as long as you are registered in a service of "" which is deleted after the termination in any way of that transaction.

You may also, at any time, make any changes to the personal information you have disclosed or limit or cancel the use of any of these items by filling in the relevant online form. In any case, we inform you of the existence of your access and opposition rights in accordance with Articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

The website "" may from time to time use your e-mail address to inform you about offers, to suggest similar products and services or to send you news, ideas and tips for your plants. However, if you do not wish to receive such messages, you can send your request to "[email protected]" or simply click on “delete from our contact list” at the end of any of the emails you receive from us.


The online store "" has as a primary priority the protection of your personal data as well as your online transactions and takes all the necessary precautions, using the most modern and advanced methods, in order to ensure maximum security. All information that relates to your personal data and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the online store «» is achieved by the following methods:


The online store «» uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This particular Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is today’s global web standard for website certification. With this technology, every item you post on our site is encrypted before it connects to the internet, protecting personal information when it is transferred.

All payments made using a card are processed through Piraeus Bank's “e-Pos Paycenter” electronic payment platform, which uses TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol. The information sent by the protocol SSL, are protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether data has been changed during transfer.

Encryption is essentially a way of encoding information until it reaches its recipient, who can decode it using the appropriate key.


Additional personal security is the user name and the personal password that you give when you become a member of "". This way every time you use them, they give you access with absolute security to your personal information.

During your order and if you are logged in with you user name and personal password in the online store «», the communication between your computer and our systems is encrypted using a 128-bit key. That means each time you send information to the system, your browser encrypts it first using a 128-bit key and then sends it to the system.

Your username and password must be kept to yourself and never be shared to others, same as you would take care of your credit card transactions and do not tell your PIN to anyone. Sharing them may give access to your personal data to third parties that you do not know.

Tip: When creating your personal password, use both symbols and alphanumeric characters, such passwords are harder to break. For security reasons, you should change your password at a regular basis and avoid using easily detectable passwords (eg. phone number, date of birth, etc.).


"Avramis Roses Co." is committed to the validity of the information on the products available for sale. You can get information about each product by following the search instructions on our web pages and by clicking on the corresponding product, the texts may be subject to any typographical errors that have escaped our attention or which have occurred without our wish or due to malfunction of the website for technical or other reasons.

For all products on "" there are indications of their availability in any given time. In any case it must be made clear that the delivery times of your order depend on the availability of the products in our warehouses. In case the product is not available, you will be informed about its unavailability.


The online store "" and all the content of its web pages (photographs, texts, graphics, services, products, names, images, logos and badges that represent "Avramis Roses Co." and it’s online store), constitute the intellectual property of the company and are protected in accordance with the Greek law. Therefore, any use of the above is forbidden except in the case of the written permission of "Avramis Roses Co.".


In the pages of "" you will find information about the process and the steps until the completion of your order. You will receive useful tips for identifying and correcting potential errors when registering your order (eg.  type, quantity, method of payment, etc.).

Upon completion of your order, we will send you an e-mail with the confirmation of your order, followed by another e-mail informing you about the shipping of your order.


Our constant concern is to deliver our customers high quality rose plants. However, since they are living plants, there is a possibility of problems during transportation or by our own mistake. For this reason, when you receive your roses, if something appears to be defective or damaged you must immediately let us know in order to replace it free of charge. In this case, we reserve the right to ask you to return the received plants to their original packaging along with the original proof of purchase (Proof of Retail, Invoice, Shipping Bulletin and so on).

If you realize that the package at the time of receipt is opened or damaged, please do not receive it and inform us by phone at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].

Also, if your plants die due to extreme weather conditions you can ask us to replace them for free. In this case, the following terms apply:

  1. The growth guarantee is valid for up to 2 months from the reception of the plants and only if you bought "bare rooted" roses or roses "in peat moss". We do not replace plants in pots, since they are already grown.
  2. The plants to be replaced shall be returned with their labels.
  3. All the roses are replaced in the price of the nude. If you want to get your roses "in peat moss" or in a 2 Liter pot, you are charged € 0.50 and € 1.00 per plant, respectively. For Tree Roses and Mini-Tree Roses we guarantee only 50% of their value.
  4. You are charged with the cost of transporting the replaced plants. (see: Shipping Cost).
  5. Before the replacement of the plants, please make a phone call in order for us to give you instructions at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].



For any order cancellation before shipment and courier delivery, you must contact us by phone at (+30) 23820 22220 by quoting your Name and Your Order Number.





Accepted cards: All credit-debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Masterpass).

Using your credit card for your purchases at the online store "" is absolutely safe, as long as you follow the relevant instructions. Once you have completed all the information required to register the order, you will automatically be transferred to the secure website of the partner bank (PIRAEUS BANK.) where you will be able to fill in your credit card details directly.

To pay by credit card, you must fill in the relevant form with the exact holder's name, credit card number and expiration date, and the three-digit number (CVV) on the back of the card.

Checking and payment is immediate as long as you are connected to the partner bank (PIRAEUS BANK).

In every purchase case, the buyer should also be the cardholder used for the transaction.

  1. PAY ON DELIVERY (Only for Greece with an extra charge of € 2.30).

You pay to the carrier, who acts on behalf of "Avramis Roses Co." at the time of delivery. If you choose the above payment method, you will be charged with the payment expenses. Payment expenses are automatically displayed on your order form. The payment expenses (for pay on delivery) are €2.30 for each order or shipment of plants. The delivery is valid only for deliveries within Greece.


Once the deposit is made then your order is accepted and sent with the terms of sale and dispatch of the plants.

For deposits in an account, please use one of the following Banking Accounts of our Company, YIOI P. AVRAMI & Co. or AVRAMIS ROSES Co.:

  1. THE NATIONAL BANK Account Number: 33044048743, IBAN: GR48 0110 3300 0000 3304 4048 743
  2. EUROBANK Account Number: 0026.0219.25.0200262359, IBAN: GR10 0260 2190 0002 5020 0262 359
  3. PIRAEUS BANK Account Number: 6225.040032.855, IBAN: GR80 0171 2250 0062 2504 0032 855
  4. ALPHA BANK Account Number: 583 / 002101-006898, IBAN: GR96 0140 5830 5830 0210 1006 898 (Beneficiaries: Avramis Theodoros and Avramis Nikolaos)

For more information, please contact us at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].





Our goal is to deliver your order in the shortest possible time, simplifying the shipping process. All orders are dispatched immediately (1-2 business days) and in order of priority if they are ordered within the limits of our sales period (generally from the end of October to end of April).

We reserve the right to change the time of the delivery by a few days if the weather conditions allow us. If the weather conditions do not favor planting, then there may be some delay in the delivery time. 



Deliveries abroad are made in 3-7 business days and shipments are made by a courier company (depending on the destination and your shipping choice). If a product is not available immediately, you will be informed of the final delivery time.

Category 1: In this category belong Member Countries of the EU. The customer is charged with the cost of transport. The cost is proportional to the total quantity of plants in your order and is automatically calculated before the completion of your order.

Category 2: In this category belong all countries expect Member Countries of the EU. The customer is charged with the cost of transport. The cost is proportional to the total quantity of plants in your order and is automatically calculated before the completion of your order. The transport price includes the cost of the necessary accompanying documents for the export of the plants.


For further information contact us at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].




For orders over 150 Euros, special packaging and shipping throughout Greece are free of charge. For orders of less than 150 EURO you will be charged depending on the number of plants you buy.


For the shipping of our roses bare rooted and / or in peat moss with a biodegradable net, during the period October - April 15, the following apply: When orders are given by telephone or email or Fax:

  • Orders of 1-3 plants are charged with 3 EURO.
  • Orders of 4-6 plants are charged with 4.5 EURO.
  • Orders of 7-10 plants are charged with 6 EURO.
  • Orders of over 11 plants are charged with 8 EURO. When orders are given through our online store in our website:

If you choose the EL.TA Courier Services : 2 Euros per shipment (order) plus 0,30 Euros for each rose.

If you choose ACS Courier Services: 2 Euro per shipment (order) plus 0,30 Euro for each rose.


10.2.2 For the delivery of our roses grown in 2 Liter pots, after 15 April, the following apply:

  • Orders of 1-3 plants are charged with 4 EURO.
  • Orders of 4-6 plants are charged with 6 EURO.
  • Orders of 7-10 plants are charged with 7 EURO.
  • Orders of 11-15 plants are charged with 10 EURO.
  • Orders of more than 16 plants are charged with 12 EURO.


10.2.3. When plants are shipped with the pay on delivery service (only for orders in Greece), there is an extra charge of € 2.30 per shipment.


The products you have ordered are sent to the address you have given us, through the courier company "ACS" or the courier company EL.TA. (ELTA courier). In various remote locations delivery is done at the nearest office of ACS or post office of EL.TA. . "Avramis Roses Co." reserves the right to use another courier company.


The retail prices of each plant are listed in each variety’s description. In addition, the following discounts apply:

  • For orders from 200 to 300 EURO, a 10% discount on the total amount of the order is applied.
  • For orders from 301 to 600 EURO, a 15% discount on the total amount of the order is applied.
  • For orders over 601 EUR, a 20% discount on the total amount of the order is applied.
  • For orders that are received directly from our facilities, an additional 10% discount on the total amount of the order is applied.


When ordering through our online store the discount is calculated automatically and the amount is deducted from the value of your order.


During the planting period you may find other great offers on our website.



Within 1 to 3 working days for Mainland Greece, Crete and islands (we always refer to deliveries to main cities of each region and not in remote areas), if the products you ordered are available. The above deadlines do not apply in times of bad weather, strikes and in any other incident that may affect delivery times.

If a product is not immediately available, you will be informed in advance by the order department for the estimated delivery time.

For further information contact us at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].


10.1.1. When sending the plants, each plant carries a special plastic label with the code, the category, and the name of the variety, as described in our catalogue. The labels of the plants are indelible and are their guarantee. We recommend that you keep them on the plants (see Guarantees) even after plantation.

10.1.2. In each shipment, and within the box, you will always find our illustrated catalog.

10.1.3. Each shipment is accompanied by a proof of retail sale. If the plants are to be used for business purposes (eg. gardens of hotel rooms, factories or other companies etc.) please ask us to issue an Invoice. Plant prices include VAT 13%.

10.1.4. All the plants are packed in nylon bags to prevent them from losing their humidity and are placed in cardboard or wooden boxes.

10.1.5. The shipping is achieved rapidly in collaboration with a courier company and delivered to the postal address you give with the order. In villages and isolated destinations, they are delivered to the nearest post office or office of the co-operating courier company. Throughout the sales season the roses are sent immediately. An exception is orders that are received early (September - October), which are executed with priority at the beginning of the sales period. Due to weather conditions, plant shipments may begin later.

10.1.6. Guaranteed delivery date: We can keep your roses and deliver them to you later on the business day you choose from the end of October to the 15th of April. For the above service you have an extra charge of 10 EURO. Orders with the above service are paid in advance.

10.1.7. Group order and shipment: It is possible to make a group order, which means to receive orders for multiple individuals to one postal address for reduced shipping costs and possibly interesting discounts. Each individual order comes in a separate bag with a different recipient name for an easy separation of each order. 

For further information contact us at (+30) 2382 022220 (Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 CET) or at [email protected].


"Avramis Roses Co." and the "" online store allow its users to choose their eventual information about new products and other offers, payment arrangements etc., by sending promotional - informative messages to their e-mail address. "" will not misuse the above service, in accordance to GDPR law.

If you do not wish to receive newsletters anymore or wish to be completely removed from the "" database, you can inform us using the e-shop contact form or you can send your request to " [email protected]” or just by clicking on “delete from our contact list” at the end of any of the email