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Bareroot Roses (Worldwide shipping)




Sale’s Period: end of October until 15th of April. . Most of the roses sale this time period is “bareroot” (with the roots "free" without soil.). They are 2 years old budded roses and they have 2-3 or more strong-wooded branches. They have a very good hairy root system.

All bareroot rose bushes are dispatching in very strong carton boxes and nylon bags to safely retain their moisture. They should remain in their original packaging, well enclosed in the nylon bag in a cold and shady place, or in a refrigerator where the temperature is above zero. In this way they can stay if it is necessary up to 20 days.



Roses in root ball with biodegradable net

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Sale’s Period: end of October to the end of April. They are planted in a peat moss “ball” with a biodegradable net. The ball is protected by a plastic bag so not to lose its moisture. This way the rose can remain for up to 1 month (during the cold season of the year) outside the box without needing watering. It continues to grow and creates new roots. After removing it from the shipping box, place it upright in a bright place, e.g. at the balcony.

They are always planted with the biodegradable net. They are dispatching in very strong carton boxes.



Roses in 2L pots

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Sale's Period: from 15th April 15 until September. They have all the advantages of the roses in root ball and they are only available between 15th April - September. They are ideal for late summer planting.

The roses grow rapidly and bloom in the summer. The pot comes in a plastic bag to protect the root during transportation. If the roses you receive are going to remain in the pot for more than 2-3 days you must remove them from the plastic bags and put them in a sunny place. They should be watered regularly if it is not raining and daily if the weather is warm. They are dispatching in very strong wooden boxes.


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